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north by north west

My journey to (high) school was a long, tedious bus ride from the side of the moorland, down into the gritty industrial side of town. It didn’t really seem abnormal or different, until slowly, over the years — magnus size red brick factories — were dissapearing for re-development.

All of the Northern mill towns orbiting the North West of England have pretty much been left behind. Make way for new-build, short-term progress & quick results. There is foresight missing.

If you were there, back in the 80’s. Navigating in & out of the neglected victorian architecture, there was an unspeakable ambience of hand-to-mouth & limited future. No one was there to tell you this but it was heard in the shadows of towering chimney’ & horizon-crushing red brick mills.

This body of work is my account of that

All works are 20" x 16" | oil & acrylic on board 

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